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About Us


The Desert Aquarist Society is a non-profit organization seeking to provide a platform to bring together fellow hobbyists in the Tucson, Arizona area. The mission of our club is to engage members of the general Tucson community and provide information about maintaining freshwater/marine flora and fauna, as well as amphibians commonly seen in terrarium and paludarium environments. We are dedicated to the education and husbandry of aquatic and terrarium life in a captive environment.

Together we can share our collective knowledge and experience for improved care and propagation of aquatic and terrarium life in a safe, responsible and environmentally friendly manner.  In particular, the Desert Aquarist Society is dedicated to reducing the negative impact of the hobby on the coral reef, endangered species, and the rainforests.

Our society provides resources to the aquarium and terrarium enthusiasts in Southern Arizona and surrounding areas by sponsoring meetings, lectures, online discussions, websites and other means, to connect local hobbyists.

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