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The membership of this organization shall be open to all persons who have an interest in aquatic and terrarium life as approved by the Desert Aquarist Society Board.  


To become a member, all you have to do is attend one of the monthly meetings and submit the membership form, accompanied by membership dues (stated below). The membership form and dues will be submitted to the Treasurer, or any Desert Aquarist Society Board Member in the event of his/her absence.

The Desert Aquarist Society has the following membership options:

  • Adult Membership - For persons 18 years and older:

    • Membership fee is prorated as follows and valid until the end of the year:

      • January/February/March - $20

      • April/May/June - $15

      • July/August/September - $10

      • October/November/December - $5

  • Junior Membership - For youth 6 through 17 years of age

    • Membership fee is prorated as follows and valid until the end of the year:

      • January through June - $10

      • July through December - $5

  • Affiliate Membership is free for local aquatics related businesses

Benefits of becoming a club member:

  • Vote on important club matters, including Board Member elections.

  • Participate in member-specific contests like the Bowl Show and Home Show.

  • Participate in member-only raffles at each meeting to win gift cards to our affiliate stores.

  • Participate in the discussion of matters brought before the Board of Directors

Affiliate Membership:

To be eligible as an Affiliate member, you must be a commercial establishment (retail or wholesale) located in or serving the greater Tucson area. Affiliate members are features on our website as well as our monthly newsletters. Additionally, the club purchases gift cards from all our affiliate members for monthly raffles as well as prizes for our contests. Please reach out to a board member if you wish to become an affiliate member.

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