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Under the Sea


Guidelines for Club Donations
Approved: September 25th, 2022

Donations are defined as aquariums, fish, invertebrates, plants, supplies, and equipment offered to the Desert Aquarist Society at no cost or an agreed determined cost.  All items are considered as donations.  The aquariums, supplies, or equipment can be used or new.  The donor may be a club member of a non-member.

The following guidelines apply:

  1.  If the donor wishes to receive compensation for the items, the President with approval of the Board may decide to compensate at their discretion.

  2. The President with Board approval may distribute the item(s) through the club or may distribute the item(s) to a public agency, i.e. a library, school, etc.

  3. Items may be distributed to the club membership under following conditions:

    1. If the donor can bring the items to a physical meeting, the donor may place the items in the auction and receive the auction value of the items at the meeting.  The donor determines whether the item(s) may be sold in a group or individually.  Rules of the auction apply.​

    2. If the donor askes the club to pick up the item(s) and a physical meeting is not scheduled within the deadline for pick-up,

      1. the President may alert the membership of the item(s) and have interested members contact the donor directly. ​

      2. the donor makes the decision to the item(s) distribution. 

      3. the club member receiving the item(s) may make a contribution to the club at their discretion.

    3. If the donor askes the club to pick up the item(s) and a physical meeting is scheduled within the deadline for pick-up,​

      1. the President can arrange for a club member to pick up the item(s) and bring them to the next club meeting.​

      2. the Board will inventory the item(s), determine whether the item(s) will be auctioned as a group or individually, establish a price, and auction the item(s) at the next meeting. 

      3. The Club member who has stored the item(s) would receive a 10% discount on their total amount spent in the auction.

Please note that the Desert Aquarist Society does not have a classified section. We do not advertise the sale of aquarium goods or services.

For donations, please use the following form to contact us.

Your email has been sent. A board member should get back to you shortly.

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